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Creating Brand-New High-Performance Vehicles With the Look and Character of Classic 1960s Muscle Cars


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Are you planning to buy a Camaro or a Mustang with a unique combination of modern amenities and a vintage look from the 1960s? Look no further. Innovation Performance Tech combines unparalleled passion and advanced-level engineering to bring your vision to life.

We specialize in creating brand-new, high-performance vehicles with the luxury, suspension, and comfort items of a modern automobile while preserving the look and feel of older muscle cars.

What We Offer

We all adore the iconic muscle cars from the 1960s, but if you've ever driven one in stock condition, you would know how unrefined and uncomfortable they are. You'll quickly realize how terrible the handling was in those automobiles, which are now 50 years old. Indeed, they look beautiful, but only for a limited period, especially if you get used to a modern car with all its comforts and luxuries.

So, if you are planning to buy a unique model that drives and behaves like a 2022 Camaro while preserving the sex appeal of one from 1969, you are at the right place. We start with new musclecar bodies and build your dream car from scratch. From the engine and drivetrain to the suspension, we add modern components to every part and bolt to achieve the highest level of functionality as per modern industry trends.

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Here At RPM Mustang

Here at RPM Mustang, we don’t just create new vehicles but also carry a vast inventory of auto parts sourced only from the most reputable brands. Our team can help you if you are looking to buy Mustang parts that are hard to find. We also specialize in other 1960s-era muscle cars, like the Camaro and Chevelle. We also work on other vehicles based on our passion and market demand.




The IPT Camaro S has a standard 1969 Camaro interior with modern, comfortable seats, air conditioning, highly accurate and quick-acting digital gauges, and modern convenience options like cruise control, a high-end audio entertainment system with navigation, a backup camera, and more. Of course, the available options are up to the customer, and we will work with you to create your perfect dream car.


Our Mustang S is hand built using the best America-made components available from the automobile industry and comes with a 36,000-mile limited warranty. And Innovation Performance Technology will always be here to answer questions and stand behind our cars! Give us a call and let us build one of these hot Mustang S models for you!

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