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We recommend the suspension from Maximum Motorsports, the same suspension we have used on our race-winning 1986 Mustang for the last 20 years or so.

Maximum’s Maximum Grip Box comes with everything you need to create a corner-carving street machine or race car. The K-member depends of course on what Engine you are using, and IPT or Maximum M/S can help you with the details.

What does the Maximum Grip Box do?

It dramatically transforms your Mustang’s handling to a level far beyond what basic bolt-on parts can do. When you want your Mustang to handle well (unlike the average Mustang), you need the Maximum Grip Box. MM’s Engineering Team designed it to improve the tires’ grip on the pavement, which means faster and more stable cornering, which means more fun!

The Maximum Grip Box includes the following parts and options. For more details and information, see the How to Order tab or use the links below to find individual product pages for the specific features of each part.

Front coil-over springs

Rear coil-over springs

MM struts and shocks

Bilstein struts and shocks (optional)

Koni struts and shocks (optional)

MM Front Coil-over kit

MM Rear Coil -over kit

MM Racing Upper Shock Mount (optional)

MM K-member

MM Front Control Arms

MM Torque-arm

MM Rear Lower Control Arms

MM Caster Camber Plates

MM Full-length Subframe Connectors

MM Adjustable Rear Swaybar

MM Bumpsteer kit

MM Steering Shaft

MM Front Swaybar Relocation Kit

Front swaybar bushings

Front Swaybar (optional)

MM Panhard Bar

MM Steering Rack Bushings

MM Strut Tower Brace

Swaybar end links

Customizing your Maximum Grip Box means choosing the best combination of parts for your Mustang from the available options. Listed here are the options for each part in the Maximum Grip Box. You may be able to choose the most suitable part after reading through the descriptions in this section, but if you need help, knowing the available options makes your conversation with an MM Tech Associate go more smoothly. Just take it to step by step, and all will become clear. Options appear in order of importance. Follow the links to the individual product pages and make note of your choices and questions.

Befuddled? Impatient? Hopelessly lost? See the Help Me tab.

Getting started
The heart of your Mustang’s high-performance handling is the combination of springs and dampers. Spring rates should always be chosen first, before dampers, to suit your desired combination of performance and ride quality. In other words, the choice of spring rates guides the damper choice.

Front and rear coil-over springs are available in a wide range of spring rates. While an MM Tech Associate can help you choose, please read the coil-over section of our Guide to Choosing Spring Rates and Dampers first. The goal is to choose a front spring rate that’s at the intersection point of optimum handling and ride quality. Your preferred mix of handling and ride quality, and the choice of front spring rate to achieve that, is the single most important decision to make.

TIP: If a soft front coil-over spring is most suitable for you, a stock-location rear spring will be a better match than a rear coil-over setup. An MM Tech Associate can match the rear spring to your front coil-over spring rate. Choice of rear spring type (stock location or coil-overs) will affect your choice of rear lower control arms.

Dampers Once you pick spring rates, the damper choice becomes easier. MM 3rd-Generation struts and shocks are available in 4 different series, with each matching a specific range of spring rates. This is detailed in our handy Guide to Choosing Spring Rates and Dampers.

Damper choices

Koni single-adjustable
Koni double-adjustable

Coil-over Conversion
The dampers you choose affect the model of the coil-over conversion kits required. MM kits fit specific struts and shocks; we don’t make an ill-fitting universal kit like the others. Choosing your dampers narrows down the choice of coil-over conversion kits:

Front coil-over kits: Choose the one that matches your chosen strut.
Rear coil-over kits: Choose the one that matches your chosen shock. Then decide if you want the standard upper coil-over mount or the MM Racing Upper Shock Mount. Note: the Racing Upper Shock Mount may require a specific rear coil-over kit.

Good work! Now go to the Options 2 tab.

The Maximum Grip Box will transform your Mustang’s handling. It’ll be so much better, you’ll swear it’s magic! Customizable for street or track driving.



The Maximum Grip Box will completely transform the way your Mustang handles. This comprehensive, customized package does everything you need to make your ride reach its full handling potential. It stiffens the chassis, upgrades both front and rear suspensions, and features adjustable components so you can tune handling characteristics however you want. The carefully matched parts in the Maximum Grip Box will turn your Mustang into a world-class performance car-you won’t believe how it performs. Our customers say it’s like magic!

Each Maximum Grip Box is customized to suit your needs; it’s not a one-size-fits-all package. We help you choose the right parts to make your Mustang ideal for your exact situation and driving style. Whether for the street or track, a Maximum Grip Box is an obvious choice when you’ve got to have the best for your Mustang. This is the package used by winners in the NASA American Iron series.

Install a Maximum Grip Box and you’ll enjoy…

Dramatically increased traction, both when cornering and in a straight line.

Tunable handling balance to fit your driving style.

Amazing cornering stability and predictability.

Much quicker steering response.

Far less brake dive.

Greater comfort when cornering due to reduced body roll.

Amazing ride quality for a street setup firm but not harsh, as expected of a high-performance car.

More chassis stiffness, giving superior ride quality and handling.

Ideal for ride height, because it’s adjustable to suit your preference.

Customized for your Mustang!

While the price displayed on this page is for the most basic Maximum Grip Box, with MM you don’t have to settle for a standard package. Our talented Tech Associates will help put together a custom package to fit your needs perfectly. These are just some of the available options:

K-members for engine swaps

Front control arms for competitive road racing

Rear control arms for street, drag racing, or road racing

Torque arms for moderate or big power

IRS swap

Swaybars for any situation

See the How to Order tab and the Options tab for info about all the parts in this Maximum Grip Box, along with the choices you have to make to get the set-up you want.

We highly recommend you take advantage of our Tech Associates’ skill and experience to provide recommendations for your car setup by choosing “Maximum Grip Box Setup” from the options listed on the Technical Services page. This becomes a necessity when choosing a front or rear swaybar, or if you want to retain aftermarket parts already on your car. However, we can’t help unless you provide the basic info about your car that we request in the Maximum Grip Box Setup Form linked on the Technical Services page!

Befuddled? Impatient? Hopelessly lost? See the Help Me tab.


This Maximum Grip Box is designed for Mustangs equipped with certain specific items. While the GB-1 is listed for 1979-1993 Mustangs, 1979-1986 Mustangs must be upgraded to 1987-1993 V8 Mustang specs.

All 1979-1993 Mustangs must be equipped with the following parts to accommodate a Maximum Grip Box install:

One of these engines: 5.0L pushrod, 302, 351W, 4.2L, 3.8L, 2.3L, 4.6L/5.4L modular, 3.8L V6, 5.0L Coyote (2011-2014), or LSX engine.

8.8″ rear axle assembly

Spindles from a 1987-1993 V8 Mustang or any 1994-2004 Mustang. We have extensive Tech info about spindles.

An Oil Filter Relocation Kit is required for some Ford engines with an OEM oil cooler. This includes all 4V Cobra 4.6L and some 2V GT 4.6L engines, but not the Coyote engines.


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